Magnificent Magnolia | Framed Print

Magnificent Magnolia | Framed Print


In a hidden corner of Edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden stands the magnificent Campbell’s Magnolia tree. Most of the year it looks like any other tree, but for a brief moment in spring it blossoms into a glorious pink wonder with larger-than-life flowers, which seems to have come from the Garden of Eden itself. Derived from his own photography work, this digital photo artwork by Gary Campbell-Hall captures the natural beauty of the Campbell’s Magnolia tree and heightens it to a heavenly vision. Frame size 42x30 cm.

Professionally printed using the highest resolution pigment ink system and the finest archival papers. Professionally framed by Fine Art Guild-commended framers using the highest quality materials from sustainable sources.

Prints are delivered to your door ready to hang (and ready to impress).

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